Live your best life!
Make a Citizenship Investment
Grenada Passport
Live your best life!
Make a Citizenship Investment
Grenada Passport
Live your best life!
Make a Citizenship Investment
Grenada Passport
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The holiday season may be over, but we’re continuing the joy of gift giving. For the month of January, we’ve removed all marketing agent fees for Grenada citizenship applications, making it cheaper for you to give the gift of global freedom to your family. Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Let 2021 find you prepared to seize all that life has to offer. Invest in life today!

Live Your Best Life Now!

Here’s How Grenada Citizenship Helps You Do Just That

  • Provides a safe haven in a politically, economically, and socially safe country that is democratically free and progressive.
  • Provides visa-free access to over 149 destinations
  • Reduces visa applications and the need to continuously divulge sensitive information to strangers
  • Allows for spontaneous and last-minute leisure and business trips
  • Allows for longer stays on leisure and business trips
  • Facilitates travel when other travel documents are occupied
  • Facilitates migration to the US by providing access to the US E2 visa
  • Provides greater educational opportunities and cultural exposure to children
  • Provides discounted tuition on undergraduate degrees at St. George’s University.
  • Increases access to greater healthcare around the world
  • Improves tax management and tax burdens
  • Imposes no restriction on the repatriation of imported capital and profits.
  • Protects the value of one’s net worth through its fixed rate of exchange with the US dollar
  • Provides lifetime citizenship that’s inheritable by future generations
  • Provides residence opportunities in over 15 countries, including Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Dominica, Antigua, and St. Lucia
  • Provides protection in countries around the world that are members of the United Nations, the OAS (Organization of American States) and the Commonwealth, of which Grenada is also a member state.
  • Reduces prejudices typically faced when crossing borders and conducting financial transactions

About The Programme

Grenada’s CBI programme focuses on maintaining a quality standard that protects the value of the country’s citizenship, while being sensitive and accommodating to the needs of interested investors. Citizenship is attainable in four months either by investing in the government’s National Transformation Fund, or through an approved real estate project.

What You Should Know

Select An Investment Option

Investment In Approved Real Estate

  • Starting Price: $220,000
  • Time to Naturalisation: Four months
  • Benefit: Ability to earn income from completed projects and recover part of the investment after five years of ownership

The National Transformation Fund

  • Starting Price: $150,000
  • Time to Naturalisation: Four months
  • Benefit: Most affordable option

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