Grenada CBI Performance Featured in New Infographic Series

Grenada CBI Performance featured in Infographic series launched by Thomas Anthony

In an unprecedented move by Thomas Anthony, the Chief Executive Officer of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Unit, year-to-date Grenada CBI Performance data is now being publicly published in a quarterly infographic series titled, “The CEO’s Desk.”

The series, which launched on October 16, simplifies performance data recorded by the programme for both the National Transformation Fund and the real estate options. It categorises the data for each of the options into three broad sections – processing, approvals by investment option, and revenue; and combines vivid charts with short blurbs to bring the data to life.

According to Anthony, the initiative is part of a “customer-centric approach to providing the industry, the marketplace, and our stakeholders, with information they wouldn’t ordinarily have access to.”

The Ministry of Finance has long recorded and published CBI data for both the National Transformation Fund and the real estate investment options on its website. However, individuals interested in monitoring the programme’s performance have at times complained about the manner in which the data is published. To date, infographic references to Grenada’s CBI data have been published by industry practitioners and media, such as IMI, through their own understanding of the data provided by the Ministry.

With the introduction of the series, the industry gets a birds-eye view of the metrics that matter most to the Citizenship by Investment Unit, as well as an understanding of the factors that have influenced the performance of the programme on a micro and macro level over a defined period of time. Most importantly, it allows stakeholders to draw valuable insights about the health of Grenada’s CBI programme.

The next edition of The CEO’s Desk will be published year-end 2023.

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