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A Legacy That Echoes For Generations

Life is unpredictable – at times unfair. Are you confident in your ability to effectively deal with all of its curve balls? Having a second citizenship isn’t just another luxury purchase, it’s an insurance policy that ensures you always have a plan B when life acts up.

Whether it’s easily taking a last-minute trip to secure that once in a lifetime merger, or shielding your children from the scourges of prejudice, and providing them with access to better education, having a second citizenship from Grenada, will ensure your family and your generations have the freedom to live the life the desire.


Some people find themselves marginalised in their native countries. Basic civil liberties so freely enjoyed by Grenadians, like freedom of speech, movement and even religion, are controlled or restricted. Similarly, social and political instabilities, rigid fiscal controls, currency devaluations, and sanctions imposed by first-world nations, limit global mobility, income, and ultimately, quality of life.

To bridge these challenges and earn income, countries like Grenada offer an accelerated path to citizenship, and a chance for these individuals to live a more fulfilled life through their Citizenship by Investment Programme.

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To Invest In Grenada Citizenship

Getting a second citizenship doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Though there are many Citizenship by Investment Programmes around the world, investing in the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be getting the best value. Value for money isn’t dependent solely on a programme’s attributes, but on how those attributes align with your personal goals and unique situation. Here are the top six reasons why Grenada proves to be a noteworthy option  when considering a second citizenship.


Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme offers three routes through which one can obtain citizenship. The most popular routes are through a contribution to the National Transformation Fund and the purchase of government-approved real estate.

The National Transformation Fund

  • Starts at $150K
  • Most affordable option
  • Non-recoverable contribution
  • Benefits limited to citizenship and a passport

Investment in Approved Real Estate

  • Starts at $220K
  • Recoverable option
  • Includes ownership of shares or freehold
  • Benefits can include: a title, yearly income, a tax ID, option to sell after 5 years

Explore the differences between both options. Read More >>     

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