Grenada Citizenship by Investment Interview Process

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Interview process

On September 4, the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme introduced a new interview requirement for all applicants of the programme who are age 17 or older, as well as benefactors of applications. Spouses, not included in an application, are also subjected to the interview.

The new requirement comes as the programme attempts to strengthen its already onerous due diligence practices and satisfy agreements made during a Caribbean-US roundtable about Citizenship by Investment that occurred in February 2023.

As it stands, Grenada employs a three-tiered due diligence process that involves the use of information gathered from private due diligence firms, the Joint Regional Communication Centre of CARICOM, and Grenada’s own Financial Intelligence Unit. It conducts due diligence checks on applicants in every country they have lived in for one year or more in the past ten years. With the introduction of the interview requirement, the programme further explores the possibilities of derisking applicants to ascertain their merit for Grenada citizenship.

The Interview Process

Participating in the interview doesn’t begin on the actual date of the interview but is a process that starts when applicants prepare their application documents for submission to the Citizenship by Investment Unit. The following outlines the required steps.

  1. Applicable applicants must complete and submit an Interview form with their application documents – being sure to include their language preference and their most updated contact details.
  2. During the due diligence process, an email, written in English, will be sent to the applicants. This email will provide instructions for the applicants to complete an online questionnaire.
  3. The online questionnaire will be automated in the preferred language indicated by the applicants on their interview form.
  4. Following the questionnaire, the applicants will be directed to a live, virtual interview.

It is important that applicants complete the questionnaire and virtual interview by themselves. Failure to do so could negatively impact the outcome of their request for Grenada citizenship.

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