New Application Guidelines for Grenada CBI


New application submission guidelines have been published for the Grenada Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme by its governing body – the Citizenship by Investment Unit. The new guidelines will apply to all applications submitted on or after October 16, 2023. As part of the new guidelines, a revised checklist of required documents, which includes the newly introduced interview form, has been published.

Unlike the former checklist, which only mentioned the required forms and documents, as well as the individuals required to submit them, the new checklist provides a bit more detail. Instructions are provided that guide the preparation and authorisation of forms, as well as define the variations of documents acceptable to satisfy a particular document requirement.

An example of this is the usual request for a Certified copy of an applicant’s birth certificate. The new checklist not only advises which applicants are required to submit the document but also informs of applicable substitutes, such as a Household Register, Attestation of Birth, unabridged birth certificates, or an Aadhaar Card.

In addition to the new checklist for Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, the Unit has published a set of acceptable standards for signing application forms and certifying required documents. Most notable in the list of new standards, is the return to the pre-covid practice of only accepting documents that have been certified by a lawyer or notary public, who has seen the original document, and who operates in the jurisdiction where the applicant is located.

Also notable, is the ability now afforded to Grenadian Notaries to remotely notarize an applicant’s Form One (personal information form).

Failure to meet the new document requirements by applicants will result in a rejection of the application by the Unit’s application submission portal.  Applicants and agents are advised to familiarise themselves with the updated material.

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